We have more than 10 years of experience in this field.
It is important to us to understand what you want

About Us

Logan Architects is a unique architectural practice with a team committed to producing outstanding architectural solutions so that our finished architecture is exactly what the client wants.

Logan Architects

Extensive Fields of Expertise
Logan Architects provides architectural services on a wide range of Build or Renovation projects. Our happy clients and outstanding architecture say it all. We design primarily with our clients in mind.

Our Service


We are passionate about the design of residential architecture projects and can also renovate all characters of home and property – from villas, to bungalows, to art-deco and also more contemporary designs.
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Logan Architects provides architectural services for all types of commercial buildings. We make sure that we understand both what drives your business and your budget and with these primary factors in mind, we deliver top commercial design. Our commercial architectural design will add value to your business’ brand and the workings of your business.
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Logan Architects will design Healthcare architecture that improves patient experience and improves layout so that healthcare staff are able to operate efficiently.
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Logan Architects takes pride in the full scope of community architectural projects that we have been involved in. All of our community architectural projects have required awareness of the people being represented and designed for. Logan Architects knows that people will use our community designs for the purpose for which they have been built and that they will serve the community properly.
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