Do I need an Architect?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want your design to be unique?
  • Do you want to make the most of the relevant by-laws and regulations around building and renovating on your property?
  • Do you have a challenging site?
  • Is your property conservation or heritage protected?
  • Do you want to build or alter your home to take into account sustainable building practices?
  • Do you want the option of a full service through to construction?
  • Do you want to be covered under PI insurance?
  • Do you need design expertise and advice?
  • Do you need help with interior design, detailing, tendering and other services through construction?
  • Are you investing significantly in your project?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then it is a good idea to Contact Logan to discuss your project.


  • What is a 'Registered Architect' and How I do know if an 'Architect' is registered?

    In New Zealand, a 'Registered Architect' is:
    • Someone who can use the title Architect is protected by legislation known as the Registered Architects Act 2005.
    • Someone who has attained the necessary qualifications to become registered in New Zealand.
  • How do architects charge for their services?

    A percentage fee, fixed fee or hourly rates can be discussed for each project. Every project is different and we would be happy to discuss our fee structure with you. Contact Logan to discuss your project.
  • Can an Architect save you money on design or renovation of your home?

    Architects are skilled and experienced home design professionals, so there are many ways we can save you money on your next new home or renovation.
  • What are the common mistakes made by people undertaking a home renovation or new build?

    Comon mistakes include thinking short term, not taking into account the property and exisiting buildings, skimping on deasing to save money, not asking the architect to help you save money, being impatitient, not setting your budget properly, not understanding quality and value.